American Football Networks, INC. (AFN), with roots dating to 1956, is the original source of national, regional and local gridiron media coverage. It remains footballs most comprehensive resource through its subsidiaries at the college, high school and pro levels while AFN's four regional networks focus at the grass roots of the nation's most popular spectator sport.

American College Football Network (ACFN) is the only resource for intercollegiate football that focuses on all the NCAA, NAIA and JUCO programs. It has selected national and regional rankings, chosen pre and post-season All-American Teams as well as established and obtained the largest inventory of annual football awards and trophies since 1988.
American High School Football Network (AHSFN) has roots dating back to 1956, making it the primary resource of interscholastic football for over six decades and has been conducting national polls since 1994 while providing the most comprehensive library of interscholastic all-state teams in all 50 states.
American Pro Football Network (APFN) not only covers the National Football League (NFL) but also focuses on indoor football leagues, other outdoor professional leagues as well as semi-pro gridiron organizations.